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Alcohol and drug evaluation Atlanta for Court and Probation? Oh my! Why do I need an alcohol and drug evaluation near Atlanta? Employers, courts, probation, DFCS, or other entities may request or mandate you to submit to an alcohol and drug evaluation. The process for an alcohol and drug evaluation is an easy, fast, and confidential. The process is conducted in a private setting.

An alcohol and drug evaluation Atlanta for court and probation can be anxiety producing. While the evaluation may be mandated or court-ordered, there is no need to fear the process. You may think it is a prolonged process that may take a long time. At Atlanta Therapy Center, we have simplified the process. The entire session takes about 45 60 minutes. You will receive your alcohol and drug evaluation report to take with you upon completion of your appointment.

At Atlanta Therapy Center, we take pride in servicing our communities with a range of services in the behavioral and mental health fields. Our evaluators specialize in substance abuse, recovery, and treatment. We have built solid alliances with many of the criminal justice circuits within the Metro-Atlanta area and take pride in assessing and assisting individuals in succeeding on probation.

At Atlanta Therapy Center, the privacy of the clients is of utmost importance. Please don’t hesitate to call to set up a consultation session. Our staff has been working in the field for over 3 decades and have specialized in treating substance use related issues.

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Recovery from alcohol and drugs is a unique journey for each individual. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to allow working-adults, professionals, and students to maintain their current schedules and participate in a flexible IOP that provides outstanding intensive treatment and relapse prevention with an aftercare plan designed in partnesrship of each individual’s specific areas of need.

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