Classes -What are classes in a therapeutic alliance? Classes are sessions in a form of group therapy. The sessions are facilitated by experts clinicians who are trained and certified in each subject matter. Many individuals view these classes or sessions as a basic requirement to satisfy court and probation conditions. At Atlanta Treatment Center, we encourage everyone to utilize the opportunity for personal healing and development.

  • DUI Class
  • ASAM Level I, II, & III
  • Anger Management Class
  • Risk Reduction Class
  • Cognitive Skills Class
  • Moral Reconation Therapy, MRT Class
  • Shoplifting Class
  • Family Violence Intervention Program
ASAM Level I

ASAM Level I classes are the recommended sessions for individuals with alcohol or substance abuse related offenses. The sessions comprise of weekly meetings to work on making low-risk choices and in some cases to learn how to abstain from all substances. While not all individuals that are required to attend have substance abuse disorders, repeated offenses and producing positive urine screens while on probation or on the job may land the person in ASAM Level I classes. At Atlanta Therapy Center the sessions are flexible to accommodate all types of schedules. Click for more information

Anger Mangement Classes are offered on a weekly basis with a varied schedule and at multiple locations to allow individuals to attend to family, school, work, and comply with all probationary requirements. Anger management classes can be emotional at times but keeping an open mind and remaining honest can help make the entire experience a pleasant venture. Learning to change our perception and manage our emotions in a realistic manner takes time and practice, but most importantly it requires willingness and effort.

Cognitive Skills Classes are also known as coping skills therapy. Most individuals assigned to this type of treatment have had unresolved traumatic experiences and continue to make everyday life decisions based on faulty thinking. Developing cognitive skills and learning how to cope with our negative emotions, fear, and resentment can be life-changing.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Recovery from alcohol and drugs is a unique journey for each individual. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to allow working-adults, professionals, and students to maintain their current schedules and participate in a flexible IOP that provides outstanding intensive treatment and relapse prevention with an aftercare plan designed in partnesrship of each individual’s specific areas of need.

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