Anger Management

Anger management is a form of art that is under appreciated. Anger can be a normal emotion when expressed appropriately. However, uncontrolled anger can turn to rage. Its negative effects can leave us with emotional scars and resentments. Relationships are adversely affected when anger is expressed in a blunt and unthoughtful manner. Many marriages are destroyed because of anger. Children are highly affected and traumatized with serious long-term consequences when it comes to autonomy, decision- making, and intimacy.

Atlanta Treatment Center offers anger management services at three convenient locations, Atlanta, Decatur, and Marietta. Our team of professionals will work with you closely to evaluate your personality and trait factor. People have several styles of anger such as Explosive Anger, Hidden Anger, Anger Avoidant etc.

An anger management evaluation is the first step in assessing the level and style of anger an individual is dealing with at any given moment. The assessment is comprised of a STAXI scale. It is a testing tool that measures the severity index of an individual’s anger pathology. Many individuals are surprised to learn that emotions are controllable. But the first step is being able to identify the feeling and express it in an assertive and healthy manner.

Do You Need an Anger Management Evaluation?

We all get angry. It is part of our lives. However, the way we respond to our emotions could be controlled and practiced. Becoming aware of anger style, helps us identify triggers and situations that can lead to explosive situations. Learning to respond as opposed to reacting takes practice and patience. Perhaps tolerance and mindfulness are the two key factors in learning how to respond in the heat of the moment. An anger management evaluation can be a life changing event. Growth and development always occur when we are knowledgeable.

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