SAP evaluation for Department of Transportation

Recovery in the context of addiction either it be Alcohol or drugs is hard but Atlanta Treatment Center makes it possible for you to recover all in good times. Atlanta Treatment Center provides SAP, The Substance Abuse Professionals for DOT (Department of Transportation) in order to grant assistance to the individuals who intentionally or unintentionally has violated or has been violating the legal regulations of the country in the context of Alcohol and Drugs for the commercial transport Industries. We at Atlanta believe in hundred percent prevention of Substance Abuse comprising in Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco.The world is running towards the illegal use of commodities that directly harm the health of one after regular consumption along with the transportation industries, we at Atlanta Treatment Center are the team of experienced Counselors, therapists, and SAPs to prevent the World from going down the respective road of Substance Abuse.

What do we do?

  • Alcohol and Drugs testing rules awareness
  • Key DOT Drug and Alcohol laboratory testing
  • Granting education, treatment references, and solution on the respective subject
  • To Consult and Communicate with the Employers of DOT
  • To grant Support Services and treatment Services to fulfill community needs

Atlanta Treatment Center is working towards the elimination of Retardation that comes through the use of Alcohol and Drugs. The expertise team of Atlanta has come together in the mission of making a world less of a high place to live.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Recovery from alcohol and drugs is a unique journey for each individual. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to allow working-adults, professionals, and students to maintain their current schedules and participate in a flexible IOP that provides outstanding intensive treatment and relapse prevention with an aftercare plan designed in partnesrship of each individual’s specific areas of need.

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